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If you're cluttering your office with lots of paperwork for regulatory compliance, you're doing it wrong. Facility Pilot stores all of your data safely in the cloud, and takes backups often for redundnacy. By using FacilityvPilot, you can sleep better at night knowing that your data is stored safe and sound.

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FACILITYPILOT provides ONE place to handle all of your activity department needs. In addition to our easy-to-use activity calendar, we've put a special focus on tracking activities. We know that you're responsible for tracking group activity participation, and also doing room 1-on-1 visits for tracking independent and low-functioning resident activities. Our software allows you to spend more time with your residents and less time fighting computer systems and paperwork! Yes, we hate paperwork too:)

FACILITYPILOT Family Mobile app allowing residents and sponsors to view the activity calendar, menu plan, staff directory, and more from their smart phone.


Resident in-room TV channel for distributing announcements, a staff directory, photos from facility events, automatically throughout the building.

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